Love’s Sweet Beginning (Sisters at Heart #3) by Ann Shorey (& giveaway)

18059978 Love’s Sweet Beginning was such a joy to read. It was one of those books that just flowed for me. It was also a book that was full of characters that I found myself thinking about when I had to set the book down and attend to something else in the real world! My mind would keep working its way back to Cassie Haddon and Jacob West and all that was going on in their lives!

Although this is the third book in a series, I believe you could easily read this book and understand what is going on without having read the first two books. The characters from the earlier books are present in this story and you will have a deeper appreciation for the lives they are living if you have read the first two books. But, once again, the author has done a great job of making this book part of a series, yet able to be read on its own as well.

The main character, Cassie, has been raised in a wealthy household all of her life. Now that the Civil War is over, and their family’s situation has changed, she finds herself in need of making a life-changing decision. She must learn how to earn a living. She has a lot of perseverance and is willing to do whatever it takes to make a home for herself and her mother. Ah, her mother…this woman drove me crazy in the book. She was just so manipulative and I kept wondering how Cassie would ever be able to get out from under her thumb.

Jacob runs the local grocery store, which also houses a restaurant. He isn’t excited to hire Cassie for many reasons, one being the attraction he feels toward her. Jacob is a bit older than Cassie and we find that he has some secrets from his past. The author does a very good job of creating characters that have had to overcome extreme situations.

I enjoyed watching the characters grow throughout the book. Cassie had to grow in not only learning how to make her way in the world, but in her understanding of God’s word and her own worth in God’s eyes. She was also so respectful of her mother, even during very trying situations. I loved watching Jacob grow in his understanding of God’s love for him and the fact that he truly was a new man. The past was in the past. The love story was sweet and there were some frustrating situations for Cassie and Jacob to work through during this story that kept the plot moving and very interesting all the way to the end.
(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.

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Ann is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of The Steve Laube Agency, and is an active member of several writer’s organizations, among them American Christian Fiction Writers, Oregon Christian Writers, and Willamette Writers. As such, she is enthusiastic about the benefits of attending workshops and conferences. Ann is available to teach workshops on research, story arc, and other fiction fundamentals to writer’s groups.

In addition to writing, Ann has won many prizes for her culinary skills. Her recipes have appeared in Country Woman magazine, and in several national cookbooks, including Taste of Country and Taste of Home. Recently author Patti Hill included one of Ann’s recipes in her Garden Gates Cookbook, available on Patti’s web site. Ann has been privileged to present cooking demonstrations to young women from her church as part of the Apples of Gold mentoring program.

Ann and Richard share their home with a loveable Belgian Shepherd named Amber.

You can read Ann’s full bio here.

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I am a homeschooling mother of four children. I am an avid reader and have been for as long as I can remember. I truly enjoy reading and reviewing books I focus my reading and my reviews on Christian fiction, primarily Christian romantic fiction. I hope you will find my reviews helpful in your decisions on what books to read.
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2 Responses to Love’s Sweet Beginning (Sisters at Heart #3) by Ann Shorey (& giveaway)

  1. Ann Shorey says:

    Hi Brittany! Thank you for the lovely review for Love’s Sweet Beginning. 🙂 So glad you enjoyed Cassie’s story. She was a fun character to write.

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