Review: Snow on the Tulips by Liz Tolsma

16122787 Wow! I think the cover of Snow on the Tulips is breathtaking, moving, and utterly beautiful. And now that I have read the book, I can say that the story inside the cover is equally so! What a wonderful book!

The story is set in the Netherlands during WWII and is based on a combination of two true stories passed down through the author’s family. Snow on the Tulips touched my heart deeply. Then, reading afterward that it was based on real events made it even more special to me.

The characters in Snow on the Tulips feel so very real to me. Cornelia has experienced horrible pain in her life. Widowed four years earlier, she carries that pain around with her fear. Gerrit fights to undermine the Nazi’s and weaken them, hoping to clear the way for the Allies to save their people. When Gerrit and Cornelia’s paths cross and it is up to Cornelia to help save Gerrit, will she be able to put aside her fear and do what needs to be done?

One of the things I enjoyed about this book is that the decisions that the characters had to make were not “cut and dried”. Meaning, the choice was not necessarily an easy or clear one. The decision to face danger and try to help the Resistance was not an easy one to make. The characters had to weigh when to hide themselves away and when to put themselves out there to help others.

Another very interesting part of this book was the side story of Anki and Piet. Piet believed in following the laws of the land and never lying. This included doing whatever the Nazi’s set as a law, and he would not lie to protect people who were breaking the Nazi’s law. Piet believed that he was following God’s commands. These wonderful moral dilemmas are discussed throughout the book. When is it okay to lie?

One of the most wonderful things about this book is the beautiful love story that develops between Cornelia and Gerrit. Cornelia lost her husband so tragically and believes she will never love another. When she begins to have feelings for Gerrit, the fact that he routinely puts his life in danger is very scary for her. She can’t comprehend loving another man and then losing him. It is such a sweet love story.

I would recommend this book to those who are interested in a truly unique telling of a story from WWII, that is laced with a love story that will touch your heart. (5 stars)

I received this book from the author, through a drawing held on Margaret Daley’s blog. I was not required to write a review.



My life is always a changing scene, full and busy with writing inspirational historical fiction and raising a family. I have been writing seriously for a number of years now, but have wanted to be an author since the fifth grade when my teacher wrote, “I hope to see you as a published authoress,” in my autograph book. I was hooked.

My novella, “Under His Wings” was published in the best-selling anthology “A Log Cabin Christmas”. Two short stories, “Simply His Mother” and “As American As They Come” were published in “Cup of Comfort for Adoptive Families”. I’m proud to be represented by my wonderful agent, Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency.

When I’m not busy writing, I enjoy reading, especially historical romance. You can also find me working in my garden, walking my black lab, Kylie, camping with my family, kayaking or crocheting.

My wonderful husband of twenty-three years and I make our home in the beautiful Wisconsin countryside with our three children. We adopted our eighteen year old son from Vietnam when he was an infant, our thirteen year old daughter from Korea when she was an infant, and our eleven year old special needs daughter from the Philippines when she was five. They certainly keep me going!

I am also a breast cancer survivor. It has been a journey of deep faith and trust in the Lord, but he has sustained me and granted me healing.

The greatest love in my life is my Lord Jesus. I pray that my writing, as well as my entire life, will be to his honor and glory alone.

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  1. Becky B says:

    Thank you for the review. I was wondering on this book. I look forward to reading.

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