Review: Mistletoe Kisses (Inspy Kisses Collection #3)

by Janet Tronstad, Lisa Mondello, Lenora Worth, Margaret Daley, Camille Elliot, Pamela Tracy, Lacy Williams, and Cheryl Wyatt
23498938 This is the third of the Inspy Kisses novella collections and, once again, the stories are just wonderful. I believe that there is pretty much something for everyone in this collection. And if you are like me and enjoy many different types of stories, it is great to have them all in one set. Each story has a Christmas theme, but they are all stand alone stories. I did have favorites among the bunch, but felt that all of the stories were enjoyable, each in their own way.

The Day Gina Rossi Lost Her Yet by Janet Tronstad – This is a sweet story set in the 1950’s and follows a young lady who just doesn’t seem to understand that she has set her heart years ago on a man who is not the one God intended her for. This tale will have you hoping that Gina will finally figure out the man that God has set apart for her from the beginning.

The Gift by Lisa Mondello – This contemporary novella is sweet and moves quickly! But, I was impressed that the author had me very interested in the romance of the two main characters in such a short time period. This is a tale of a wealthy man who learns that helping others is much more than just giving money, and of the young lady who never had much but ends up winning his heart.

A Palm Tree Christmas by Lenora Worth – This contemporary story is so very good! Two broken-hearted people find love when they least expect it. I was very impressed with how realistic this novella felt. It was not rushed and although the attraction was there between the two main characters, the reality that Hank and his children are still grieving the death of his wife keeps the romance from taking off faster than it should. This tale is sweet and gentle and filled with hope.

Deadly Holiday by Margaret Daley – For romantic suspense fans, this novella delivers the action, sizzling attraction and suspense you are looking for. Tory and Jordan are out to prove that the crime Tory witnessed really occurred. This is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat story that has many twists and turns. This tale is full of intrigue.

Two by Two by Pamela Tracy – This historical romance was wonderful! I loved the way this author allowed these two main characters to get to know each other. I really liked Emmy and Jasper. This tale begins as an awkward situation, where Jasper needs to find a way to help his brother’s widow, but turns into a sweet romance and the promise of a beautiful future.

The Spinster’s Christmas by Camille Elliot
– I loved this regency novella! What a great story. I was happy to read that there will be more stories in the future with other characters that I became close to. I really liked Miranda and Gerard and the way the romance developed. There were also so many seemingly hopeless situations that God used for good. This is a tale of romance, but is also filled with danger and intrigue, as well as secrets from the past that come to light.

Mistletoe Cowboy by Lacy Williams – I loved reading Justin and Valri’s story in this contemporary novella. These two people seem like such opposites, but share a connection right from the start. Justin truly does not feel worthy of Valri and the goals she has for her life. I loved watching things work out for these two! This is a tale for those who love stories with strong cowboys!

A Refuge Christmas by Cheryl Wyatt – This contemporary novella is set in a small town. Two strong individuals try their best to do what is right for the town of Refuge, but keep ending up at odds about what that is. Can these two Christians learn to work together for the good of the town, and set a godly example for underprivileged youth? When the attraction between these two begins to build, they are going to have to figure out what path to take. This tale stresses the importance of forgiveness and working to make things right when they have gone wrong.

This is such a great collection of Christmas stories! (5 stars)

My thanks to the authors of this collection for the complimentary copy I received. This review is my honest opinion and no monetary compensation was received.



A new collection from some of your favorite inspirational authors:

From USA Today bestselling author Janet Tronstad, a new retro romance The Day Gina Rossi Lost Her Yet:

Gina Rossi has dreamed of being Marco Scaglia’s sweetheart for as long as she can remember. But just when it looks like her dream might come true, her life gets crazy.

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Mondello, a new contemporary romance The Gift:

When Allison Jones finds a small envelope on the ground, CEO Derek Holden accuses her of stealing the money that was supposed to be inside. Knowing what the envelope means for a little girl, Allison is determined to not only fulfill the gift herself, but to prove to Derek that there is more to life than just money. Derek didn’t need the simple conventions of life…until he met Allison. He soon learns that a bank account full of money is no match for a heart full of love…

From New York Times bestselling author Lenora Worth, a contemporary romance A Palm Tree Christmas:

When an overworked, heartbroken Atlanta nurse takes a holiday on the Gulf coast, she meets a widower with two adorable children and rethinks what love really means. Together, Clara and Hank rediscover Christmas and maybe the beginning of something more.

From Amazon bestselling author Margaret Daley, a new romantic suspense Deadly Holiday:

Tory Caldwell witnesses a hit-and-run, but when the dead victim disappears from the scene, police doubt a crime has been committed. Tory is threatened when she keeps insisting she saw a man killed and the only one who believes her is her neighbor, Jordan Steele. Together, can they solve the mystery of the disappearing body and stay alive?

From Carol Winner and CBA Bestselling author Pamela Tracy, a new historical romance Two by Two:

In 1880’s Arizona Territory, Frank Barlett, a Yuma prison guard, heads to the mining town of Bisbee in order to bury his younger brother Jasper and see that his widow has safe passage home. The widow isn’t who or what Frank expected and doesn’t have a home to be escorted to. Emmaline Bartlett has a secret or two and every time Frank uncovers one, it’s just one more reason he’s got to protect her.

From award-winning author Camille Elliot, a new Regency romance The Spinster’s Christmas:

Spinster Miranda Belmoore and naval Captain Gerard Foremont, old childhood friends, meet again for a large Christmas party at Wintrell Hall. Miranda is making plans to escape a life of drudgery as a poor relation in her cousin’s household, while Gerard battles bitterness that his career was cut short by the injury to his knee. However, an enemy has infiltrated the family party, bent on revenge and determined that Twelfth Night will end in someone’s death …

From fan favorite author Lacy Williams, a new contemporary cowboy romance Mistletoe Cowboy:

After suffering a career-ending injury, bull rider Justin Michaels has stalled out. At twenty-seven, he’s back in college to try and find direction for his life. Valri North is a few credits away from completing her pre-med degree. She’s got her life planned out, until a disastrous assignment in class and a distracting cowboy threaten to derail her carefully-ordered plans.

From award-winning author Cheryl Wyatt, a new contemporary romance A Refuge Christmas:

Refuge police officer Connor Stallings is facing the challenge of his career: new mayor Adrianna White, who wants to restructure his beloved town upside down. Adrianna’s heart is in the right place, but as she and the handsome police officer clash, they grow close enough to glimpse on their horizon a partnership of vows beyond helping the quirky but close-knit town.

Connect with the authors at and on their Inspy Kisses Facebook page.


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