Review: The Wedding Kiss by Hannah Alexander

The Wedding Kiss I thoroughly enjoyed The Wedding Kiss from start to finish. This book is so good! If you are a fan of marriage of convenience stories, this is one you will probably enjoy.

Keara is a woman who does not have much confidence in herself as far as romantic interests are concerned. She spent much of her youth taking care of an invalid mother and did not learn to flirt or be womanly like other girls. I really liked Keara. She is a kind and loving person who gives freely of herself. When she finds herself in a bind and has nowhere else to turn, she reluctantly brings up the idea of a marriage of convenience with her friend, Elam.

Elam has never seen Keara as more than a friend. How could he? He is still grieving for his late wife, Gloria, the mother of his three children. The fact that Gloria and Keara were best friends helps Elam decide that he must help Keara – it is what his wife would want him to do. So, the two marry. But, as they seal their vows with a kiss, both Elam and Keara recognize that there is a lot more emotion behind the kiss than simple friendship.

That alone is a great premise for a story, however, this book takes it up another notch. Add in the arrival of an injured woman who ushers danger right to their doorstep. This is a situation that the young couple must immediately deal with. It adds a lot of interesting tension to the story on top of the attraction (and guilt) that both are struggling to handle. Great book! (4.5 stars)

I received this book from the author in a giveaway and was not required to write a review.


The Wedding Kiss

A kiss can be life-changing. When Keara and Elam Jensen share their first kiss on their wedding day, a marriage of convenience becomes much less convenient! It also becomes more than they expected when God shows them what He really has in store for their lives. Will their mysteriously injured visitor ruin their future, or will her influence–and her personal battle–draw them into deadly danger? Visit Eureka Springs, Arkansas, in 1901, and discover for yourself what excitement and romance await along the White River Hollow.


HANNAH ALEXANDER is the pen name for the husband-and-wife writing team of Mel and Cheryl Hodde, who began collaborating on their first blind date. Cheryl is the wordsmith, and Mel is the medical expert who helps her with the medical plotlines and edits everything she writes.

You can connect with the authors on their website and Facebook.


About Brittany

I am a homeschooling mother of four children. I am an avid reader and have been for as long as I can remember. I truly enjoy reading and reviewing books I focus my reading and my reviews on Christian fiction, primarily Christian romantic fiction. I hope you will find my reviews helpful in your decisions on what books to read.
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  1. Looks like an interesting book. Thanks for the review!

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