Review: Love’s a Stage by Rene Gutteridge and Cheryl McKay

Love's a StageThis was a cute, little story and a quick, easy read for me. I liked the premise of the book, however, I just never really connected with the main characters. I liked Nick, but really struggled with Aly. She frustrated me with her determination to have everything perfect (or at least her view of perfect) and her constant quoting of statistics to back up her theories. These statistics, along with other things in the book, did provide some comic relief, but didn’t endear her to me.

This book did have some fun things going for it. Nick was a good character. I liked how he truly knew he loved Aly, for years and years, even when she wouldn’t give him more than friendship. I also thought that the writing style flowed smoothly, allowing me to read a quick story.

I guess most of my frustration with the book stems from the way I viewed Aly. And that is simply my take on her. Other readers may find her quirky. She’s not a bad character, just has some life lessons to learn. I think that readers who enjoy a good bit of humor in their books may really like this story, and should give it a try and see what their take is on it.

(3 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Love's a StageGrad student and future marriage counselor Aly Brewster had a perfect childhood with perfect parents. Now she’s heading into her own perfect life: Finish her Master’s. Build a successful practice. Husband at twenty-six. But when her parents blindside her with the news they’re getting divorced, her perfect world shatters.

Actor Nick Armstrong has been in love with Aly since they met during freshman year. He’s happy to accept his assigned place in her Friend Zone because it lets him be close to her. But it’s been over five years—time to move on. Then the usually-unflappable Aly comes to him begging for help to save her parents’ marriage. Nick has the perfect plan: fake an engagement to each other to inspire her parents to fight to save their marriage. And who knows? It might trigger Aly’s feelings for him. But when Aly takes the ruse to the next level—planning a wedding in her parents’ backyard and hiring additional actors to play his family—enough is enough!



Rene Gutteridge
“I write, in many senses, very selfishly. My first draft is for myself. My second draft is for an audience of one. After that I begin to see my readers and see what I want them to know about my characters. But I’ve never been very good at writing for the masses. I fall in love with my characters first and then decide if I want to share them. I take great delight in introducing readers to them, and taking my readers along for a journey that they can get lost in for awhile.”

Rene is the author of over 25 books and has been writing professionally for almost two decades. Her writing ranges from comedy to suspense and from freelance writing to novels to screenplays. Her first feature film, SKID, is due out next year. Her latest two fiction projects are collaborations with screenwriter Cheryl McKay and are romantic comedies.

Connect with Rene at:

06_www01_fb02_twitterCheryl McKay lower res

Cheryl McKay
“The #1 reason I write is to impact hearts, minds, and emotions in a positive way. I want to share from my heart and experiences in case there are others out there who feel alone in their journey. This can be through fictional stories in books or films or non-fiction books. I have been changed as person because I am a writer. Writing can heal, redeem, help, change, and affect people for the good. Words are so powerful.

“Historically I’ve been very drawn to writing about single women who are frustrated in the wait to find love because I had to wait until I was 39 to find love and get married. I get that journey! (More than I ever wanted to!) That’s why so many of my stories are either romantic dramas or comedies. (It’s usually a comedy when I’m making fun of myself, like in Never the Bride.) I also have battled a lot of fear in my life, so I often work that out through characters. I know that’s something many people relate to. I hope to both entertain and leave them in a better place after they’ve read my stories or watched one of my films.”

Cheryl McKay began writing stories and plays at five years old based on pictures on her lunchboxes. She’s been writing since. Both a screenwriter and author of non-fiction and fiction books, her most notable film to date is The Ultimate Gift (James Garner, Abigail Breslin). Cheryl’s favorite genres are family dramas and romantic comedies. One of Cheryl’s favorite writing alliances is with Rene Gutteridge. The two partner on novelizations of Cheryl’s screenplays. (Never the Bride for Random House, Greetings from the Flipside for B&H.) Cheryl and her husband live in Los Angeles. She’s avid scrapbooker, day-tripper, and chocolate addict.

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