Review: Love’s Sure Dawn by Naomi Rawlings

Love's Sure DawnLove’s Sure Dawn is another beautiful addition to the Eagle Harbor series. I enjoyed this story, which is book three, just as much as the first two novels. I knew that this would probably be a very interesting pairing between Gilbert and Rebekah, both of whom I was familiar with from earlier books.

I was definitely not a fan of Gilbert in book two of the series, Love’s Unfading Light. Although there were hints of a heart change toward the end of that story and the possibility that there might be hidden feelings and history between these two characters, I still did not like him! However, the author did a great job of making him likeable in this latest novel! I am always impressed when an author can change my opinion of a character from one book to the next. In Love’s Sure Dawn, I really wanted things to work out for Gilbert. Even as he set his sights on a wealthy heiress, I understood why he thought this was the path he must take. I did love seeing him try to handle the feelings that Rebekah evoked!

And dear Rebekah! She also grew on me. I never disliked her, but she was fairly rough in the earlier books, wearing pants and working the fishing boats. It was refreshing to see her growth in this book. She actually ended up being a character with a lot of empathy for others. Her spiritual and emotional journey was a beautiful one.

I am definitely looking forward to future books in this series. These novels can be read as stand alone books, but I definitely recommend the entire set of stories. The characters continue to show up in future books and it is so enjoyable to know their back stories.

(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Love's Sure DawnNo matter how hard she tries to help, Rebekah Cummings always ends up causing more problems than she solves. This time, though, things will be different. She’ll find a way to pay her family’s debts, even if doing so requires leaving Eagle Harbor. Maybe then they’ll start treating her as a capable woman who makes her own choices.

Gilbert Sinclair is going to marry an heiress. With his latest business venture sunk at the bottom of Lake Superior, he needs money to replace the steamship he lost, so he heads to Chicago where his father’s business connections should land him a suitable wife. Like most things in his meticulously planned life, everything goes as expected—until he discovers Rebekah Cummings working as the new cook on his ship.

Rebekah well remembers the pain she endured the last time she tried trusting Gilbert, and Gilbert can’t afford to pursue the love of a working class woman. But they can’t stop the forgotten feelings swirling between them—or ignore the sacrifices they’d both have to make for a future together.

If you love Christian romance, small towns, and historical places that come alive on the page, then you will love Love’s Sure Dawn.


Naomi Rawlings

A mother of two young boys, Naomi Rawlings spends her days picking up, cleaning, playing and, of course, writing. Her husband pastors a small church in Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula, where her family shares its ten wooded acres with black bears, wolves, coyotes, deer and bald eagles. Naomi and her family live only three miles from Lake Superior, where the scenery is beautiful and they average 200 inches of snow per winter. Naomi writes bold, dramatic stories containing passionate words and powerful journeys.

You can connect with Naomi on her website and Facebook.

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Love's Sure Dawn


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