Review: Hannah’s Choice by Jan Drexler

Hannah's ChoiceHannah’s Choice was a very interesting story, full of trials and temptations, questions and dilemmas, family and friends. Although there is a love triangle, of sorts, between Hannah and two men, this book seemed to me to be much more about the dynamics of the Yoder family and important decisions that they must make.

I was unsure for a large portion of the book about which man Hannah was going to end up with. There were positive and negative aspects to each relationship. I’m happy with how everything worked out.

The struggles of the Yoder family were quite sad, including depression and an older child who was beginning to sway from the Amish faith. Yet I found this book to be enjoyable and the sad situations did not weigh down the story, but added to it. I thought that the history and interactions between the Amish and Mennonite families was very interesting. Hannah’s family was concerned that the local Mennonite families were influencing the Amish families and drawing them away from the faith. I liked learning about these differences.

This was a very good book and I am looking forward to reading the next in the series.

(4 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Hannah's ChoiceHannah Yoder loves her quiet life on the banks of the Conestoga Creek. In 1842, this corner of Lancaster County is settled and peaceful–yet problems lurk beneath the placid faade. Hannah’s father worries about the spread of liberal ideas from their Mennonite and Brethren neighbors. And Hannah blames herself for a tragedy that struck their home nine years ago. She strives to be the one person who can bind the threads of her family together in spite of her mother’s ongoing depression and her sister’s rejection of their family. But her world is threatening to unravel.

When two young men seek her hand in marriage–one offering the home she craves and the other promising the adventure of following God’s call west–Hannah must make a choice. Faithfully perform her duties to her family? Or defy her father and abandon her community?



Jan grew up surrounded by books and storytellers. With Pastors and Teachers populating both sides of her extended family, we aren’t surprised that she wanted to be a first-class storyteller herself.

Born and raised in Michigan, Jan is the descendant of Amish, Mennonite and Brethren immigrants who settled in Berks, Somerset and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania in the mid-1700’s. The descendants of these immigrants pioneered in Maryland, Ohio, and finally Elkhart and LaGrange Counties in Northern Indiana in the 1850’s.

During the years when Jan was raising and homeschooling their children, she and her husband moved nine times in thirty years, finally landing in South Dakota where they enjoy incredibly Michigan-like weather. A northerner is always a northerner!

The ideas for Jan’s books come from the stories told by her parents and grandparents, seasoned with a lot of research and imagination.

Jan Drexler – website, Facebook, Twitter
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One Response to Review: Hannah’s Choice by Jan Drexler

  1. Karen says:

    Haha, Jan’s biography sounds so much like a strange mixture of my life! I grew up in Michigan, and then my husband and I moved to Lancaster County, PA. We were there for almost two years until we moved here to South Dakota! Such a small world! 🙂

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