Conspiracy of Silence Tour of Duty – Interview with Haven “Kasey” Cortes!


Welcome to one of the stops on the Conspiracy of Silence “Tour of Duty”! A special THANKS goes out to Ronie Kendig, author of the Tox Files series, for giving us a glimpse into the life of one of the main characters in Conspiracy of Silence, Haven “Kasey” Cortes.



Thanks for sitting down with me, Kasey…or is it Haven? I’m sure there’s a story there! Care to share? And do you prefer one name over the other?

My birth name is Katherine Haven Linwood. Because Katherine was my mother’s name, I went by Haven most of my life. However, when I married Duarte and took his last name, Cortes, he started calling me K.C., which easily and quickly morphed into Kasey. After he died, I did want to let go of that name. It’s been really a homecoming to have Cole back in my life and hearing Haven again.

Well, I for one am intrigued with the idea of a deception expert. Is that an exciting and rewarding occupation? Any drawbacks to this kind of career path?

I’m not sure I’d call it exciting, though it’s very rewarding because it helps solve cases sometimes. But most of the time, I’m pouring over transcriptions and watching videos in tedium, looking for signs of deception. The only drawback is when I “forget” to turn it off in my personal life. People get weirded out when they think I’m reading them.

You have a connection to the First Family. President Russell is your brother-in-law. Am I correct? Tell me…do you have a favorite room in the White House? Are you able to visit often?

Things became a bit awkward when my sister, Brooke, died, but Galen is a really great man—despite my taking issue with his treatment of Cole—and he wanted to be sure Evie, his daughter/my niece, stayed in contact with her mother’s family, so I do visit with them, but we try to keep it in a less formal setting, like at his parents’ home or my parents’ place. When he took the presidency, I really didn’t want the limelight, which is another reason I kept my married names. As for a favorite room, I think I’d say the East Sitting Hall—which I suppose isn’t a room, per se, but I love the warm hue and the gorgeous fan window that dwarfs the room.

Well, we’re about out of time. I heard that you recently spent some time overseas. Work travel is very different from vacation travel, I’m sure. But, if you could travel anywhere for some peaceful relaxation, where would it be?

I’ve always wanted to visit Russia, so perhaps a trip there, or maybe Greece.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with me.

Thank you for having me! It’s been a pleasure!

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You can learn more about The Tox Files here.


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3 Responses to Conspiracy of Silence Tour of Duty – Interview with Haven “Kasey” Cortes!

  1. Ronie says:

    Thank you for a great interview with Kasey!

  2. carylkane says:

    Britt, thank you for the interesting interview with Kasey! 🙂

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