Review: Marrying Raven by Melanie D. Snitker

Marrying RavenMarrying Raven was such a sweet and enjoyable second chances romance! I liked both Raven and Heath, even though I felt so bad for the way Heath had unexpectedly dumped Raven years ago.

These characters, who had been engaged and truly in love before the breakup, spent the next twelve years apart because of Heath’s decision. Their reunion was a realistic one, in my opinion, with some residual resentment and lingering pain between them.

Heath spent years knowing that he made a mistake when he left Raven, but he also justified that decision to himself by thinking that it was for her own good. Realizing the hurt he caused, and the lengths that it affected Raven, woke him up to the truth in this story. Watching Heath as he tried to figure out how to make things right with Raven and finally attempt to put their love first, was very romantic. Great characters and a great story! Marrying Raven is book two in the series, however it can be read as a stand alone novel.

(4.5 stars)


Marrying RavenRaven Weber hates football. As if her fiancé breaking off their engagement to follow his NFL dream wasn’t bad enough, her football-obsessed family only made things worse. Twelve years later, she pours everything into her job as a physical therapist assistant. Helping others never prepared Raven for the day her ex would hobble back into her life. How can she remain professional when spending time with him only reminds her of what they’ve lost?

The day Heath Shaw walked away from his relationship with Raven, he’d been convinced he was doing it for her. Fulfilling his father’s dream gave him the distraction he needed to get over her. Now he’s back in his hometown with weeks of physical therapy ahead of him before he can escape the past. Running into Raven was going to happen eventually, but he didn’t expect her to play a vital role in his recovery. If she’s got him second guessing why he left in the first place, what effect will she have on his heart?

Her meddling family thinks this is a second chance, while Heath’s father only wants to squelch what he sees as a distraction. Raven and Heath know they should walk away, but what if they’re better together than they ever were apart?

This is the second book in the Brides of Clearwater series, but can also be read on its own. This is a clean, inspirational romance.

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Hello there! I write sweet, contemporary romance stories about faith, love, and family. ​​My first novel, a stand alone about a marriage of convenience called Calming the Storm, was published in August 2014. Since then, it’s been a crazy and wonderful journey.

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I’m also still adding books to the Life Unexpected Series. The third book will be released this May.

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I am a homeschooling mother of four children. I am an avid reader and have been for as long as I can remember. I truly enjoy reading and reviewing books I focus my reading and my reviews on Christian fiction, primarily Christian romantic fiction. I also review sweet, clean fiction. I hope you will find my reviews helpful in your decisions on what books to read.
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2 Responses to Review: Marrying Raven by Melanie D. Snitker

  1. Melanie D. Snitker says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I’m so glad you enjoyed Heath and Raven’s story!

  2. I like the look of this – another to add to my list! Saw your review on The MCTBooksPromotion Daily so thought I’d look you up!

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