Review: What Could Be by Jaycee Weaver

What Could BeWhat Could Be was a story that I didn’t want to stop reading. I have to admit that I was up way too late reading this book! It was packed with interesting characters and a very plausible storyline.

I liked Josh and Brynn so much! The author took my heart on a real journey with this story, capturing the emotional highs and lows of a potential relationship, juggling baggage from past decisions, looking toward the future with uncertainty, and even the antics of a sweet little boy. I’m looking forward to reading more books in this series.

The setting for What Could Be was also unique, at least for me. I haven’t read many books set in Albuquerque, NM, and having this one set there was very fun, as it is a city that I have spent a lot of time in. I loved the details that were sprinkled into the novel, including references to the Balloon Fiesta and the beautiful Sandia Mountains.

(4.5 stars)


What Could BeWhat happens if we let go of what we think should be and instead embrace what COULD be?

Nursing student Brynn Easton’s overachieving nature makes giving God control over her goals, dreams, and compulsive lists a constant challenge, but she’s trying. Between school, her increasingly absentee but otherwise perfect boyfriend, Caleb, and a childcare job she adores, her full life feels on track. But then she gets to know the charming single father of the most lovable boy she’s ever taught.

After the birth of his son, Josh Davis rededicated himself to God and has worked hard to get his life together. He’s avoided dating, but Brynn draws him in like no one else. Problem is, he can’t seem to find the nerve to get beyond the friend zone. Not that someone as sheltered and sweet as her would ever go for someone like him, anyway.

Can they move their friendship beyond past choices and pain and figure out what it truly means to walk in God’s will for their lives—especially when finding love and forever doesn’t look like they think it should?

The Everyday Love Series features self-contained, standalone sweet romances featuring different sets of characters facing real, everyday situations as they overcome obstacles and issues to allow God to move through and change their lives for the better as they also find love.

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Jaycee Weaver

Jaycee Weaver lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with her amazing husband, three daughters, a crazy shih-tzu, and a dwarf rabbit. When she’s not writing, she’s probably in hot pursuit of her 90 million other hobbies or shuttling the kids around. Jaycee loves to read books in multiple genres, drink too much coffee (honestly, when are they going to make the coffee IV a real thing?!), sing, take landscape and floral photos, sew, cook, bake, and craft just about anything (can we say Pinterest?). She considers herself a recovering perfectionist and sometimes hot mess. She does her best to live her faith in action, being open, honest, and real and letting God be Lord over the good, the bad, and the ugly even when it’s hard.

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About Brittany

As a homeschooling mom and avid reader, I get great joy through reading and reviewing books. I focus my reading and my reviews on Christian fiction, primarily Christian romantic fiction. I also review sweet, clean fiction. I hope you will find my reviews helpful in your decisions on what books to read.
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