Review: Longing for Us by Debra Clopton

Longing for UsLonging for Us was a sweet story, full of heart. I liked the way Hunter and Cassie ended up not being able to keep their feelings from growing into love for each other, even though that was not what either one planned on. Hunter’s daughter, Polly, was as adorable as the last time we met her. It was fun to see her again, as she was introduced in Summer and Jonah’s story.

The last couple of chapters moved a little quickly for me, as Cassie and Hunter progressed from interest to love, however, I still enjoyed it. These books set in Sunset Bay are lots of fun to read and can be enjoyed as stand alone novels, as long as the reader keeps in mind that the books are about siblings finding their true loves, so there will be some character overlap.

(4 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


Longing for UsHis wounded heart can’t risk more pain–but she needs him…can he help her, then let her go?

Hunter Claremont has been through enough heartache and disappointment where love is concerned. He’s focused now on his new job as a fireman in Sunset Bay and raising his young daughter, helping her overcome the tragedy of losing her mother. They’ve found a place to start over in the small coastal town among it’s caring and sometimes eccentric folks. And they’ve found friends in the Sinclairs, the family his sister has married into, with strong family ties and big hearts who have welcomed him and his sweet daughter with open arms. His only problem…he keeps thinking about Cassie Sinclair and he can’t seem to get the world class photographer off his mind.

Cassie Sinclair has no plans to marry. She loves her career, capturing some of the most sought-after photos, in the most unusual and sometimes dangerous poses around the world. When a photo shoot of a wedding couple on the side of a mountain goes wrong, she comes home, shaken from the experience and struggling with the uncertainties that now plague her. She finds an understanding shoulder and comfort in the strong, handsome fireman and father. Hunter has been through tragedy and she admires him–but when her heart gets involved her world is turned even more upside down.

Can a small-town fireman and a woman with wanderlust in her veins find a happy ending?

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Debra Clopton

Bestselling author Debra Clopton has sold over 2.7 million books. She writes sweet contemporary and western romances set in Texas and on the beaches of Florida. Her series are clean and wholesome reads and she also writes Christian inspirational romances too. She is known for her snappy dialogue, cowboy heroes and spunky heroines. Her awards include: The Book Sellers Best, Romantic Times Magazine’s Book of the Year the Readers Choice Award, and many more. She’s also a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Finalist, and a triple finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award.

A sixth generation Texan, Debra lives on a ranch in Texas with her husband Chuck. She loves to travel and spend time with her family. She has written for Harlequin and Harper Collins Christian and now with DCP Publishing. She is thrilled to write for DCP Publishing and see her books being sold worldwide. On any day she usually has books on the Top 100 list and ranks on 80 to a 100 retailer Bestseller list in the USA and around the world.

She loves helping people smile with her fun, fast paced stories.

About Brittany

As a homeschooling mom and avid reader, I get great joy through reading and reviewing books. I focus my reading and my reviews on Christian fiction, primarily Christian romantic fiction. I also review sweet, clean fiction. I hope you will find my reviews helpful in your decisions on what books to read.
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