Review: Love’s Treasure – A Christian Romance Collection: Limited Edition


This collection is truly wonderful! It is packed with stories, both novels and novellas. I am reviewing nine books from this set and look forward to reading the others, as well.

A Thousand Words by Mandi Blake
This was such an enjoyable story of opposites who end up being just right for each other. I loved that Sissy had had a crush on her older brother’s friend for years and finally had a shot at a romance with him. This book tackles some deep issues that Sissy’s brother, Dakota, is going through, too.

Heart’s Home by Valerie M. Bodden
I loved the way Liam and Lydia met. What a way to be thrown together. Then, what a wonderful reason for Lydia to end up in Heart’s Bend! Lydia may have been a famous singer, but she had a lot of hurt in her life, and so did Liam. I felt that these two characters were so good for each other, making it possible for their hearts to heal. It was fun to see them grow to care for each other. I enjoyed this story so much!

Ruby Radiance by Valerie Comer
This was a fun story. Trinity sure had been through a lot, from her eyesight degenerating, to they rude way her father treated her for most of the book, to the fact that her fiancé abandoned her when things got tough. But she had a good attitude and it was nice to see her get a chance with Dale. He needed a second chance, too, and he was given a beautiful one with his romance with Trinity, who also was one of the people who helped draw him toward a relationship with God.

Someday Soon by Melissa Tagg
Someday Soon was a wonderful story with two very likable characters. Page and Noah had great chemistry and it was so fun to watch their romance grow from fake to real. They both had some things to work through from their pasts in order to move into a healthy future where neither of them carried burdensome guilt. This was such a fun story!

Love’s Violet Sunrise by Naomi Rawlings
This is a novella that I had read before. Hiram and Mabel were such a great couple with amazing chemistry. They have quite the battle to overcome in this novella, which made for a very interesting story. I couldn’t help but love these two characters!

The Lifeguard, The Runaway Bride, & Frozen Custard by Carol Moncado
I loved this romance! Even though it is the third and final in the series, I hadn’t read the first two and had no trouble enjoying this one. It is kind of a combo of second chance and the friends to lovers tropes. The main characters really didn’t date as teens, yet they both cared for each other and seeing them actually get a chance at a happily ever after was fun. Lots of interesting things to find out in this novel and I enjoyed reading as bits and pieces were revealed as the relationship grew.

Love’s Sacrifice by Evangeline Kelly
What an emotional novella! After a rough start, Dean and Avery ended up falling for each other very quickly. I loved seeing the way they related to each other on their date and then the excitement of a spur of the moment elopement. However, things did fall apart and it was very sweet to see how things ended up eventually working out. I would have loved to have seen an epilogue to this story!

More Than This by Marion Ueckermann
This novel touched my heart! I couldn’t help but swoon a bit as this husband and wife worked to grow closer together after years of accidentally growing apart. They never stopped loving each other, but found themselves needing to start over in regards to showing each other how much they cared. I really enjoyed this sweet story.

Love Renewed by Lorana Hoopes
This was a wonderful second chance at love story! I loved the way Dillon and Kaitlyn reconnected and how their hearts seemed to know that they had never stopped caring for each other. It was fun that it was set at Christmas time. I liked seeing the way Dillon related to both Kaitlyn and Jack. I loved these two main characters!

(5 stars)


At the time of this blog posting, this collection is currently available to purchase on Kindle for 99 cents! Please double check the pricing before purchasing as it won’t be this price for long.

Love may be the greatest gift—but only God’s love can transform these couples’ lives…

Fourteen of your favorite Christian romance authors offer an inspiring collection of contemporary and historical stories celebrating the greatest treasure of all—love.

From new starts to second chances, broken dreams to renewed hope, treasure hunts to runaway brides, this collection of stories will touch your heart and stir your spirit, reminding you of God’s power to transform hearts and lives.

Don’t miss this limited-edition collection of heartwarming stories from USA Today and bestselling Christian romance authors.

Purchase your own copy here.

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