Review: The Amish Christmas Secret and The Amish Widow’s Christmas Hope by Vannetta Chapman and Carrie Lighte

What a great pairing these two Amish Christmas stories make! I had already read The Amish Christmas Secret by Vannetta Chapman and I was reminded what a unique story it was. Becca and Daniel initially seemed like opposites, however, they both had very caring hearts. Their monetary situations were vastly different, yet money concerns weighed on both of them for opposite reasons. Becca and Daniel both grew in this story and learned what was most important. Daniel found a true home where he fit with both Becca and her family.

In The Amish Widow’s Christmas Hope by Carrie Lighte, Fern and Walker, once very much in love, must face the hurt of broken promises as they find themselves often working together with their children around a house that they have both inherited. I felt so sorry for Fern, knowing that Walker had broken her heart by marrying her cousin. Yet, Walker had also experienced his own share of pain. It was sweet to see how much their children loved each other and to watch as Walker and Fern tried to be good parents without allowing themselves to be hurt again.

This is a really nice collection of two Amish Christmas books in one convenient binding!

(4.5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


Can true love find a way?

The Amish Christmas Secret by Vannetta Chapman

Becca Schwartz’s curiosity is going to be a problem. When Amish secret millionaire Daniel Glick moves to Shipshewana for seclusion, he doesn’t expect his pretty new neighbor to ask so many questions. Or to be so generous, despite her family’s poverty. As Daniel falls for Becca, his secret looms between them. This Christmas, can he finally give her the truth…and his heart?

The Amish Widow’s Christmas Hope by Carrie Lighte

After inheriting her uncle’s house, single mother Fern Glick returns to Serenity Ridge with the intention to sell and leave town quickly. But her reluctance to settle so close to former love Walker Huyard—the man who broke her heart—begins to falter as their children forge a bond. With Christmas approaching, spending the holiday together might just be enough to reignite the love they once shared.



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