Review: Targeted by Lynette Eason, Lynn H. Blackburn, & Natalie Walters

Targeted is a great collection of romantic suspense novellas! I like that the three authors have written novellas that have characters who are connected as side characters in some of their previous novels, yet you do not have to have read those books in order to enjoy these stories.

In Lynette Eason’s On The Run, I really liked that Daria and Ryker’s difficult backstories, although different from each other, had some similarities that helped them find common ground early on. I loved that Ryker jumped right in and made sure that he was there to support Daria as she went in search of answers.

In Lynn H. Blackburn’s Deadly Objective, I loved that Emily and Liam were already getting to know each other when the story began, with Emily trying to keep things professional and Liam hoping for more. These two really had a great connection that I could feel zinging off the page and I was so happy when they both finally acknowledged their interest in each other.

In Natalie Walters’s Caught in the Crosshairs, I really felt for Ari as he seemed to constantly be reminding Claudia that he was more than any rumors she had heard about him. I thought it was fun that Claudia was kind of caught up in how handsome he was and that fueled her uncertainty about whether he was genuine or a player. I loved seeing them actually make a deeper connection together.

If you are a fan of romantic suspense, I definitely recommend this exciting collection.

(4.5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


Three women. Three men. Three unsuspecting targets.

Get ready for triple the thrills with three heart-stopping stories from your favorite romantic suspense authors!

In On the Run, IT Specialist Daria Nevsky is a highly skilled FBI agent with the ability to hack any computer. She must go on the run to find out who wants her dead–and Dr. Ryker Donahue refuses to let her do it alone.

In Deadly Objective, physical therapist Emily Dixon and Secret Service Agent Liam Harper are committed to keeping their relationship professional. But when the vice president’s son enters the crosshairs of a killer, some lines will have to be crossed in order to keep him safe.

In Caught in the Crosshairs, there is no love lost between former Army PSYOPS officer Ari Blackman and CIA officer Claudia Gallegos after Claudia is implicated in the murder of a Saudi prince. But to prevent a coup that would put America at risk, they’ll have to learn to trust each other–before it’s too late.




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