Review: An Unexpected Amish Courtship by Rachel J. Good

This was a really captivating story! It is the second book in the series, however, it can easily be enjoyed as a stand alone novel.

One of the things I liked a lot about the book was the kind and caring attitudes of the main characters, Sovilla and Isaac. Although Sovilla had to deal with a couple of family members who were hateful toward her, she was repeatedly kind. I was happy that her mamm sent her away to keep her from having to live with her awful uncle, yet Sovilla’s aunt, the Pickle Lady, was grumpy and hateful, as well. Isaac sometimes dealt with rude comments and teasing because of his stutter, yet held his temper. I felt for him as he was uncomfortable in situations where he needed to speak and answer questions.

I loved the way these two characters interacted. They both seemed to gravitate toward each other and it was sweet to see the way love began to grow between them. Of course, there was plenty of strife to overcome before things could work out. Family secrets and decades old hurt needed to be addressed. This story showed how God could use any circumstances for good.

(4.5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


Sometimes love, guided by the Grace of God, is found in the most unexpected places or in unexpected ways. And in USA Today bestselling author Rachel J. Good’s second Surprised by Love romance, the bustling Green Valley Farmer’s Market and Auction is the perfect setting for a shy man who trains assistance dogs and a young woman with fledgling a homemade pet food business to find love when they least expect it…

The luscious scent of fresh-picked peaches and summer apples…the warming promise of grilled corn, sweet and savory baked goods…and love. In Rachel J. Good’s uplifting Amish romance series, blessed hearts come together in a bustling Pennsylvania community and farmer’s market…

Jilted by her first love, Sovilla Mast fled her hometown to live in Pennsylvania with an aunt she’s never met. Only after she arrives does she realize that the cantankerous woman has left the faith and alienated everyone around her. To take her mind off her sadness, Sovilla turns to baking homemade pet food and treats to sell at the Valley Green Farmer’s Market. It’s there she meets dog breeder Isaac Lantz…

Shy and kind-hearted, Isaac breeds Labrador retrievers and works as a puppy raiser for assistance dogs. When he and Sovilla bond at the market, he is immediately drawn to her. And when he tells her he needs a new puppy raiser, Sovilla jumps at the chance. But as their friendship deepens, Isaac can’t help but notice that Sovilla keeps herself at a safe distance. Gaining a puppy’s trust and affection has been easy for Isaac, yet he has no idea how to win the heart of the woman he’s fallen in love with–until Sovilla needs advice in dealing with her aunt. Soon, Isaac is putting his lessons from man’s best friend, and his faith, to work for the good of all involved…

Purchase your own copy here.



USA Today bestselling author Rachel J. Good grew up near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the setting for many of her Amish novels. Striving to be as authentic as possible, she spends time with her Amish friends, doing chores on their farm and attending family events.

Rachel loves to travel and visit many different Amish communities. In searching for the best Amish soft pretzels, she’s visited many Amish markets, auctions, and mud sales. Because of her love of Amish food, she tries to include recipes in her books &/or newsletters as often as possible. When she’s not traveling, she spends time with family and writing.

Along with her Amish novels, she’s written more than 50+ books for both children and adults under several pen names. To find out more about Rachel and her books, you can sign up for her newsletter and connect with her on Facebook.

Rachel enjoys meeting readers and speaks regularly at book events, schools, libraries, churches, book clubs, and conferences across the country. She also loves talking about her book research, Amish life and traditions, and/or doing coloring book parties.

Website   Facebook   Pinterest  Twitter

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Review: Missing in the Desert by Dana Mentink

Whew! This was a fast paced suspense book, full of harrowing situations! The imminent danger that Mara faced was compounded by the fact that she had recently received mysterious messages that could be a cry for help from her sister…the one who had been missing, presumed dead for almost five years!

Mara had a lot to deal with in the book. She started out angry with Levi and frustrated that he and her brother were starting up a ranch together. She then had to fight for her life multiple times, yet through it all, Levi proved strong, caring and faithful. It was nice to watch as her heart softened to who Levi really was.

This story was definitely a page turner and filled with disturbing happenings that made me wonder what exactly the villain was trying to cover up. A very exciting and chilling story!

(4 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


Five years ago, her sister disappeared…
Now someone is coming for her.

Who would believe that Mara Castillo’s sister—missing and presumed dead—suddenly sent a one-word text? Now Mara wants answers, even if it means stepping into a killer’s sights with her brother’s best friend, rancher Levi Duke, as her only protection. But with someone who has everything to lose after her, uncovering a long-buried secret could save her life…or claim it.


From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

Desert Justice

Book 1: Framed in Death Valley
Book 2: Missing in the Desert

Purchase your own copy here.


Dana Mentink lives in California where the weather is golden and the cheese is divine. Her family includes two little girls (affectionately nicknamed Yogi and Boo Boo.) Papa Bear works for the fire department and he met Dana doing a dinner theater production of The Velveteen Rabbit. Ironically, their parts were husband and wife.

Dana is an American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year finalist for romantic suspense and an award winner in the Pacific Northwest Writers Literary Contest. Her suspense novel, Betrayal in the Badlands, earned a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award. Besides writing, she busies herself teaching third and fourth grade. Mostly, she loves to be home with Papa Bear, Yogi, Boo Boo, a dog with social anxiety problems, a chubby box turtle and a feisty parakeet.

Website  Blog  Facebook  Pinterest  Twitter Bookbub

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Review: Runaway Home by Amy Grochowski

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It is book two in the series and some previous characters are part of the storyline, however, I believe this book can also be read and understood even if you have not read Forever Home, which is book one in the series.

I really liked Noah and Rachel and appreciated that they had honest conversations with each other. These two characters had a history together that ended painfully many years ago. Yet the way they treated each other when they met again spoke to the fact that they both truly did have a relationship with God.

I appreciated that the ministers in this community focused on the gospel message and faith rather than works. And even though Noah and Rachel had obstacles to overcome before they could hope to find happiness together, their journey back to each other was a joy to read about.

(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


When love demands courage and faith…

An uplifting love story of reconciliation and redemption for a runaway cowboy and the Amish woman he never forgot, as they step-out on a giant leap of faith.

Noah Detweiler thought he’d left his Amish life forever. After years on the Albertan prairie as a cowboy, he’s finally found peace with God and purpose at Second Chance Ranch working with special needs children. But when he discovers time is running out for any hope of reconciliation with his father, Noah is forced to revisit his past and the woman he left behind.

Rachel Erb remains content with Amish life on Prince Edward Island by focusing on her faith and her job caring for animals–until Noah returns and the secret longings of her heart are exposed. But loving Noah is destined to break her heart again–no matter what she chooses.

When vicious rumors divide her family and even the New Hope community, a future together seems as far out of reach as it ever has been for Noah and Rachel. Their dreams won’t be realized without sacrifice. Only who will pay the cost?

Purchase your own copy here.


Amy Grochowski

Amy Grochowski‘s deep appreciation for the Amish faith and way of life stems from six years of living and working with a Beachy Amish family, as well as her own Anabaptist roots. Her debut novel, Forever Home, was a pre-published winner of Romance Writers of America’s Maggie Award and a semi-finalist in ACFW’s Genesis Contest. She is a member of ACFW and Word Weavers Int’l.

Amy spent her childhood in Melbourne, Australia, where her parents worked as church planters. After returning to the States, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia became home. Her real-life romance began on a travel nursing assignment to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she met her husband, David.

After a nursing career of more than twenty years, Amy is now fulfilling her long-awaited dream career as an author of inspirational romance. She is also a full-time homeschool mom for her two boys, one of whom has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and lives with her family in the bustling foothills of North Carolina.

CONNECT WITH AMY: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram

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Christmas in July – The Winter Souls Series Book Tour!



“Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good fright…”

The Quarrel of Sword and Bone was a death sentence for anyone who stepped into the arena with the deranged Queen, whose soul had crisped to frost in an age long since past.

Sixteen-year-old Helen Bell understood tragedy better than most kids growing up. She knew what it was like to wear clothes from donation bins and be mocked by the beautiful girls in high school. She thought those brutal experiences made her ready for anything, but she wasn’t ready for this.

After an eccentric girl opens Helen’s eyes to let her see the realm of Winter—a world with intersects tucked carefully into the cracks of our own, where monarchs have risen and fallen, it’s forbidden to mention the name of The Dead King, and the currency is gold rings—Helen discovers things are far from ordinary in Winter. After trying to deny the existence of a disrupting train horn ringing in her ears for days, Helen receives a mysterious summons from a group who call themselves “The Crimson Court” to enter into The Quarrel of Sword and Bone—a traditional duel performed before one thousand witnesses that leaves only one survivor—and she’s forced to finally pay attention to the handsome boy who’s been following her around with a warning on his tongue.

When the arrival of wicked villains propels Helen into the heart of Winter where there’s no going back, she finds herself being pursued by something else too—a whispered prayer battling on her behalf, and an ancient Truth that breathes living words of wisdom—the very wisdom forgotten by the Rime Folk when their disunity drove them to draw lines in the snow in an age of the past.

Helen must find a way out, or she’ll be dragged into the arena to face the crooked Queen head on before a crowd ready to watch her die.

The Winter Souls Series blends action and warm Christmas traditions, bringing the old forgotten tales of the season to life with new and grittier versions of famous characters out of old holiday legends, folklore, and myths; such as St. Nicholas, the Snow Queen, the Scrooge, and the Nutcracker.

A Soul as Cold as Frost is Jennifer Kropf’s debut novel, ideal for fans of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms by Meredith Rusu and Ashleigh Powell

Book Trailer


“Deck the halls with bells and folly…”

Helen Bell has changed since facing off with Mara Rouge in the Quarrel of Sword and Bone. But so has Winter.

When a Timepiece crosses the intersect to give Helen a set of three warnings in the form of a puzzle, she’s forced to re-enter the world she thought she might never see again to solve it before she meets a deadly end.

But things are different in Winter. Things that were once proudly colourful have been painted red, and the Patrolman who swore to always be there for her has his own demons to face. Helen is forced to hide in plain sight by impersonating a Red Kingdom celebrity, all to follow the leads and solve the Timepiece’s puzzle before she’s taken and Winter’s last Carrier of Truth is silenced forever.

A Heart as Red as Paint is the second installment of The Winter Souls Series; a faith-based Christmas collection for teens, with characters from old holiday legends and folklore.

An Interview with Jennifer Kropf

What Inspired you to write The Winter Souls Series?

When I was younger, my dad used to read The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis to me and my siblings. We bonded over books and spent hours unplugged from the rest of the world, completely engulfed in a great fantasy story. When I had my first son, I wanted to have a similar experience where I could read to my kids before bed each night, and since I love Christmas, I thought I’d create a story that we could read each night of the holidays during the month of December, leading up to Christmas. I’ve been a fan of The Chronicles of Narnia all my life, so that series had a strong influence in helping to create how mine turned out.

Who are your favourite authors? 

My favourite authors are C.S. Lewis for the life he lived and his passion for God and writing, and J.M. Barrie for introducing me to Peter Pan and Neverland, and Stephanie Garber for giving me the Caraval experience.

What else do you have planned for this series?

As of right now, I’m just excited for A Heart as Red as Paint (Book 2 of The Winter Souls Series) to be released in November. I do have some other fun gems in the works that take place in the realm of Winter, including a full-length book retelling of The Nutcracker. I’m also working on two short story collections that I hope to start releasing in 2022, along with Book 3 of the Winter Souls Series which will be released next year, and Book 4 which will be released in 2023. Lots of spin off books!

How can we stay updated on your books?

If you’d like to sign up for my emails, you can do so via my website at
I also have a “street team” which is for anyone who’d like to help spread the word about my books as they come out. I give away plenty of bookish prizes. It’s called the Winter Woods Book Club, and it’s a group on facebook which you can find via the Winter Woods Book Club website here:

About Jennifer Kropf

Jennifer Kropf spent her college years bored to death (nearly) in marketing and advertising classes in college, and graduated only to discover once and for all that her true passion is telling stories. She lives amidst lush Ontario farmland with her husband and three kids, reads obsessively, and writes even more obsessively. She thinks tea is gross and coffee is great and secretly wishes Peter Pan will show up on some cool summer evening and ask if she wants to visit Neverland.

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Review: The Cowgirl’s Sacrifice by Tina Radcliffe

The Cowgirl’s Sacrifice was a nice conclusion to a really great series! If you haven’t read the other books in the series, you could probably still pick this one up and enjoy Kate and Jess’s story anyway.

Kate had been mentioned in the previous books, however, it was always very clear that she was on the road with the rodeo and in no hurry to come back home. Her situation in this book made a return home necessary. And even though she tried to make the best of it, she still pulled against the restrictions in place to help her heal.

I liked seeing Kate and Jess together. They had a history and it became obvious that they did still care for each other. But they had some obstacles to overcome before they could find happiness together. I enjoyed this sweet story!

(4.5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


This cowgirl has wandered back home…

Will she choose her past or her future?

Needing time to heal after a rodeo injury, Kate Rainbolt heads to her family ranch to accept the foreman job her brothers offered her months ago. But the position’s already been filled by her ex-boyfriend, Jess McNally, and the only open job reports to him. With Jess as her temporary boss—and turning into something more—might he finally convince Kate to put down roots?

From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

Hearts of Oklahoma

Book 1: Finding the Road Home
Book 2: Ready to Trust
Book 3: His Holiday Prayer
Book 4: The Cowgirl’s Sacrifice

Purchase your own copy here.


Publishers Weekly bestselling author, Tina Radcliffe has been dreaming and scribbling for years. Originally from Western NY, she left home for a tour of duty with the Army Security Agency stationed in Augsburg, Germany, and ended up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her past careers include Certified Oncology R.N. and library cataloger.

Tina is a two-time RWA Golden Heart finalist and a four-time Carol Award finalist and three-time ACFW Mentor of the Year finalist. A 2014 ACFW Carol Award winner and a 2018 ACFW Mentor of the Year winner, Tina is also on the RWA and ACFW Honor Roll of Best-Selling Authors. In 2019 she won the Holt Medallion for Christmas with the Cowboy. A short story writer, she has sold over three dozen short stories to Woman’s World Magazine.

She currently resides in Arizona where she writes fun, heartwarming romance.

TO CONNECT WITH TINA: websitefacebooktwitterpinterest, instagramBook Bub Tina also has a great newsletter filled with fun facts and great giveaways for her newsletter subscribers. Sign up for her newsletter HERE.

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Review: The Siren’s Captain by Regina Scott

The Siren’s Captain was a fun way to wrap up this extremely enjoyable clean Regency series! Captain Quillan St. Claire has been a part of these stories all along, yet a bit aloof and on the outside of the main storylines. He was always quite the man of mystery and it was a lot of fun to finally get a peek into who Quill was. I really liked learning his history and also some new information about him, as well.

The heroine of the novel was a strong woman in so many ways and clearly a very good choice of a love interest for Captain St. Claire. It was easy to like both of these main characters and it was sweet that true affection grew for each other as they acted out a fake romance.

(4 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


Lord of the Smugglers or lord of her heart?

French singer and spy Marie-Louise Fortier has spent her life protecting idealistic men like her father, who died trying to wrest France back from Napoleon. So when the British War Office asks her to safeguard a former naval captain in the little spa village of Grace-by-the-Sea from the emperor’s threats, she doesn’t hesitate, even if it means pretending to be engaged to the legendary Captain St. Claire to remain at his side.

Quillan St. Claire has been taking care of himself since he was a foundling. He’s fought Napoleon in battle and now smuggles the tyrant’s secrets from France to aid England’s cause. He’s certainly not willing to trust the pretty soprano with his life, yet her siren’s voice seems to call to him. As danger draws closer, Marie and Quill must work together to protect the friendly little village that welcomed them, only to discover that protecting each other may mean risking their hearts for a real chance at love.

If you love sweet, witty Regency romances with a touch of adventure, then you’ll love The Siren’s Captain, the final book in a series by an award-winning author.

Return to Grace-by-the-Sea, where romance and adventure come home, today.

Purchase your own copy here.



Regina Scott started writing novels in the third grade. Thankfully for literature as we know it, she didn’t actually sell her first Regency romance novel until she had learned a bit more about writing such as vocabulary, sentence structure, and plot. After numerous short stories and articles in magazines and trade journals, she got serious about her novel writing. The Regency romance The Unflappable Miss Fairchild was her first novel to be published (March 1998). In 2011, she was delighted to move into Christian romance with the publication of The Irresistible Earl.

Besides her novels, Regina Scott has had published three Regency romance novellas (“The June Bride Conspiracy” in His Blushing Bride, “Sweeter Than Candy” in A Match for Mother, and “A Place by the Fire” in Mistletoe Kittens), which are now featured in electronic book form as Be My Bride. Her novels have been translated into Dutch, German, Italian, and Portuguese; and Lord Borin’s Secret Love and The Rake’s Redemption have been issued in hardcover, large print editions. Many of her works are also available as electronic books through Belgrave House’s Regency Reads line or as self-published works, such as Perfection.

Regina Scott and her husband are the parents of two sons. They reside in the Puget Sound area of Washington State and are members of the Church of the Nazarene. Born and raised in the Seattle area, Regina Scott is a graduate of the University of Washington. She comes by her writing talent naturally–both her parents were excellent writers in their vocations as teacher and electrical technician, now retired. Her mother envisioned the plot for “Sweeter Than Candy,” the novella which was written as a tribute to her.

Regina Scott is a devout Christian and a decent fencer; owns a historical, fantasy, and science fiction costume collection that currently takes up over a third of her large closet; and has been known to impersonate an independent consultant specializing in risk communication.

You can connect with Regina on her websiteblogGoodreads, and on Facebook.

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Review & Giveaway: With You I Am by Cleopatra Margot

What a great start to a new series! This is a new to me author and I am excited to read future books set in this location. The characters established in this first book felt like real people, making me anxious to read about everyone’s happily ever after moments in future stories.

Wynn and Noelle were such likable characters. It was a joy to watch as the romance began to grow between them. They had such kind hearts toward others as evidenced by their interactions with Sophie and Devin.

This lakeside town was charming and an ideal location to set the series. I am glad that Marshall and Ember still have stories waiting to be told!

(4.5 stars)

I read a copy of this book through Kindle Unlimited. All opinions are my own.


Event coordinator Noelle Carter’s main priority is running the successful company her grandparents founded. After all, they’re the ones who raised her, and she’s the one they entrusted their business to after their deaths. So when a letter comes across her desk inviting her to plan the annual Spring Fling event in her grandmother’s hometown of Balsam Falls, Nebraska, she’s faced with a choice: stay and work on maintaining Carter, Inc.’s current success, or go and take a leap of faith–outside her comfort zone.

For contractor Wynn Bryant, helping others is the key to life’s greatest blessings. Over the past ten years, he and his brother have built homes for those who need them, creating a reputable name for themselves. Between that and helping out at the Serendipity Inn, his parents’ bed and breakfast, he’s put his other dreams on the back burner for now. Until the mayor ropes him into restoring The Gardens with a beautiful but guarded young CEO from Mississippi.

Connected by a desire to help others, Wynn and Noelle dive into restoring a neglected piece of Balsam Falls’s history while learning from, and of, their own pasts. Together they uncover past secrets, face current challenges, and help each other discover healing and forgiveness in ways neither imagined. Will their discoveries lead to love, or are some things better left as they are?

Purchase your own copy here.


Cleopatra Margot resides with her family and their golden retrievers in small town Nebraska. Inspiration for her novels comes from both real life + fictional storylines she dreams up. She was homeschooled alongside her two younger siblings, and she enjoys traveling with her family. When she’s not writing, Cleopatra enjoys reading, time with family and friends, spending time near water, playing games, and enjoying life.

CONNECT WITH CLEOPATRA: Website | Facebook | Instagram

There is a giveaway going on with JustRead Publicity Tours through July 19, 2021.

Be sure to check out each stop on the tour for more chances to win. Full tour schedule linked below. Giveaway began at midnight July 12, 2021 and lasts through 11:59 PM EST on July 19, 2021. Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. US only. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.

Giveaway is subject to the policies found here.


*NOTE: This post contains affiliate links.

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Review & Giveaway: Make You Feel My Love by Robin Lee Hatcher

Welcome to the Blog Tour for Make You Feel My Love by Robin Lee Hatcher,
hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Title: Make You Feel My Love

Author: Robin Lee Hatcher

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Release Date: July 13, 2021

Genre: Christian, Contemporary Romance

One broken woman. One lost man. And the long-buried secrets tying them together.

After escaping an abusive relationship, Chelsea Spencer flees to Chickadee Creek—the town where her great aunt Rosemary owns a quaint little antique shop. There, Chelsea plans to help with the shop as her aunt heals from an accident—and perhaps find some healing of her own.

Liam Chandler was one film away from a leading role when his brother Jacob was stricken with cancer. After spending the last months of Jacob’s life with him in Boise, Liam heads to the vacation home he built outside of Chickadee Creek to get his life and his faith back on track.

While working to clean out a storage room in the antique shop, Chelsea finds an old violin. Aunt Rosemary says she may have the instrument, but they soon learn it is very valuable and once belonged to Cora Chandler, Liam’s great-great-grandmother.

Drawn together by the old violin and stories from the past, Chelsea and Liam begin to find answers for their present and the future God has in store for them.

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | IndieBound | Christianbook | BookBub


What a good, uplifting story! This is a dual timeline book, with one story taking place in the present and the other story mostly taking place in the late 1800’s. I liked that the stories were connected not only through family lineage, but also in the way that the main characters of Cora and Chelsea had to let go of their fears and put their trust in God.

I loved the present day storyline between Chelsea and Liam. What a wonderful connection these two made! They both had some very painful things to work through and I appreciated that they both leaned on God to help them. Liam’s faith, which he had not focused on very strongly for the past few years, grew deeper. Chelsea was a new believer and it was wonderful to see her relying on Bible verses to help her overcome all that weighed her down.

I really liked that Chelsea, who had endured so much abuse as a child and as a young adult, was starting a fresh, new life. And who did she end up with? A handsome, good, and wonderful man who just happened to be a movie star! That added a fun twist to things. The romance that bloomed between Chelsea and Liam was just perfect, too.

(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


Robin Lee Hatcher is the author of over 80 novels and novellas with over five million copies of her books in print. She is known for her heartwarming and emotionally charged stories of faith, courage, and love. Her numerous awards include the RITA Award, the Carol Award, the Christy Award, the HOLT Medallion, the National Reader’s Choice Award, and the Faith, Hope & Love Reader’s Choice Award. Robin is also the recipient of prestigious Lifetime Achievement Awards from both American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America. When not writing, she enjoys being with her family, spending time in the beautiful Idaho outdoors, Bible art journaling, reading books that make her cry, watching romantic movies, and decorative planning. Robin makes her home on the outskirts of Boise, sharing it with a demanding Papillon dog and a persnickety tuxedo cat.

CONNECT WITH ROBIN: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


(3) winners will receive a print copy of Make You Feel My Love by Robin Lee Hatcher!

Full tour schedule linked below. Giveaway began at midnight July 13, 2021 and will last through 11:59 PM EST on July 20, 2021. Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. Print copy US only. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.

Giveaway is subject to the policies found here.


Follow along at JustRead Tours for a full list of stops!

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Review & Giveaway: Inventing Vivian by Jennifer Moore

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Inventing Vivian
(The Blue Orchid Society #2)
By Jennifer Moore
Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 224 Pages
June 7, 2021 by Covenant Communications

Ladies of London’s High Society are known for their social graces and poise. Vivian Kirby boasts neither of these enviable qualities, though she does offer impressive conversation on chemical compositions. Unfortunately, it appears that not many men want a brilliant wife. So it is that Vivian finds kinship with a group of young women who embrace each other’s differences: The Blue Orchid Society. 

After an extended stay in China, Lord Benedict has returned transformed to his family’s estate, where an encounter with Vivian, whose scientific knowledge he once undermined, leaves him determined to make amends. He arranges to help forward her research—anonymously, of course. Through letters, Vivian establishes a warm friendship with her secret benefactor, even as she’s unexpectedly drawn into a murder investigation that forces her to work alongside Benedict to unearth the truth. Soon, Vivian fears she may be falling in love with two men, never suspecting that they are one and the same.

(Affiliate links included.)
Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Deseret Book | Seagull Book


Inventing Vivian was a very enjoyable historical novel set in Victoria England, with interesting characters and a touch of mystery. Even though this book is the second story in The Blue Orchid Society series, I was able to enjoy it as a stand alone novel. The author did a very good job of setting up the backstory of the society at the beginning of the book, so I did not feel as if I was missing any information.

I liked the two main characters a lot. Lord Benedict had changed and grown into a very different man than Vivian remembered from her childhood and even from their early adult years. He cared about the needs of others, regardless of their stations in life. Vivian was a fun character. She was so smart, yet very awkward with potential suitors. The scientific facts that would come out of her mouth and horrify her dancing partners made me laugh!

I loved the way the characters got to know each other again in this book. It was nice to see that they both were caring and kind individuals who had good hearts. Their romance was sweet!

(4 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.



Solving Sophronia
(The Blue Orchid Society #1)
By Jennifer Moore
Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 224 Pages
May 1, 2020 by Covenant Communications

Lady Sophronia Bremerton is a far cry from the typical debutante, but she’s the toast of London’s upper class for one simple reason: she’s a society columnist for the London Illustrated News, and the gentry loves seeing their exploits printed in the gossip pages. But Sophie has bigger plans – she aspires to be an investigative reporter. When a stuffy ballroom at yet another Season proves to be nothing more than the usual rumor mill, Sophie seeks respite in the library alongside four other young women who, for their own reasons, are also looking for escape. As the conversation turns to their secret ambitions, the women form a sisterhood and a bold plan: they will make their dreams a reality, no matter the obstacles. Thus begins the Blue Orchid Society.

Hearing of a murder in a London rookery, Sophie seizes the opportunity to prove her skills. Detective Jonathan Graham doesn’t believe a civilian, a noblewoman at that, should be anywhere near a murder investigation, but Sophie insists on helping bring the killer to justice. Her investigative prowess doesn’t go unnoticed by the police, especially Jonathan, who can’t decide whether this intrepid reporter is a thorn in his side or the woman of his dreams. But as the case grows more complicated and dangerous, their very lives – and their hearts – may be at risk.

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Jennifer Moore is a passionate reader and writer of all things romance due to the need to balance the rest of her world that includes a perpetually traveling husband and four active sons, who create heaps of laundry that are anything but romantic. She suffers from an acute addiction to 18th and 19th century military history and literature. Jennifer has a B.A. in Linguistics from the University of Utah and is a Guitar Hero champion. She lives in northern Utah with her family, but most of the time wishes she was on board a frigate during the Age of Sail.

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Review: An Unlikely Pair by Traci Hunter Abramson

Wow! What an amazing novel! I felt like I was living this story along with the main characters, Amaliya and Tyler. This book really had heart. I connected with these characters right away and was so invested in their journey.

The way Tyler and Amaliya first met was so fun. But the real beauty of this book was watching as Tyler and Amaliya grew together, both in their skills as a pairs team and also as they grew to have feelings for each other.

I loved this book from start to finish! The story was a beautiful combination of heartache, romance, and the art and dedication needed to become world class ice skaters.

(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


After a family tragedy, aspiring ballerina Amaliya Marcell is adrift. When she is forced to leave behind everything she knows, the lost young woman struggles to build a new life in an unfamiliar city. But when she meets a handsome world-class figure skater, she finds a glimmer of hope.

After his sister’s unexpected retirement from figure skating, Tyler Linden is devastated to give up his shot at the US national championships. His only hope is to find a new partner, a task that proves nearly impossible—until he observes a beautiful young woman at the local ice rink.
Struck by her grace and poise, Tyler takes an unthinkable risk and asks Amaliya to become his new partner. To both of their surprise, she agrees. The path to the championship won’t be easy, but Amaliya and Tyler quickly establish a solid partnership and a profound connection—both on and off the ice. But competition at the championships is fierce, and when the time comes, they will be forced to put everything on the line if they hope to achieve their dreams. 

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Traci Hunter Abramson was born in Arizona, where she lived until moving to Venezuela for a study-abroad program. After graduating from Brigham Young University, she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for several years, eventually resigning in order to raise her family. She credits the CIA with giving her a wealth of ideas as well as the skills needed to survive her children’s teenage years. She has gone on to write more than twenty bestselling novels that have consistently been nominated as Whitney Award finalists and seven-time Whitney Award winner. When she’s not writing, Traci enjoys spending time with her husband and five children, preferably on a nice quiet beach somewhere. She also enjoys sports, travel, writing, and coaching high school swimming.


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