Review: When Love Arrives by Johnnie Alexander

when-love-arrivesI’m a big fan of redemption stories. When an author can take a formerly unlikable character from a previous novel and bring them to an understanding of God’s grace and love, I am impressed. And that is what this author has done with the character of Brett. If you read the first book in the Misty Willow series, Where She Belongs, you will recognize Brett as an all around slime ball. If you haven’t read book one, I think that When Love Arrives could be read as a stand alone. But I think Brett’s journey is even more impressive if you start at the beginning of the series.

The author was able to elicit a lot of emotion from me as I read this book. I really enjoyed watching Brett’s slow and steady transformation into the man that God wanted him to be by the end of the novel. The heroine of the book had plenty of transforming to do, too! I liked Dani a lot and really felt for her and the situation she found herself in. She had some decisions to make regarding the truth and she struggled with doing what was right instead of letting fear control her.

I loved all of the characters in this story and enjoyed watching as all of the pieces slowly fell into place. After I hit the halfway point in this book, I couldn’t put it down and stayed up way too late reading in order to finish it!

(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


when-love-arrivesAn Unlikely Couple Struggles to Reconcile the Burdens of Their Past
Dani Prescott came to the children’s hospital to spy on Brett Somers–so how did she end up on a date with him? Weeks earlier she’d seen an interview in which he blamed her mother for the plane crash that had killed his parents. But the crash had killed her mother as well, so Dani can’t believe the story Brett’s trying to sell to the media.
Vowing to find a way to discredit the privileged–and maddeningly handsome–Brett, Dani has been following him and taking photos, hoping to find something she can use against him. But when she catches his eye instead, she quickly finds herself offering up a fake name and agreeing to a date. Brett knows this mystery girl is hiding something–but he’s got his own secrets to keep. What will happen when he discovers who she really is? Will Dani and Brett look beyond their own heartaches to discover a love that could heal their deepest pain?
Fresh, flirty, and fast-paced, “When Love Arrives” is an engaging story that will have readers falling in love with the characters as they navigate the tricky waters between romance and revenge.

Purchase your own copy here.



Johnnie Alexander writes inspiring stories that linger in the heart. Where Treasure Hides, her debut novel, won the ACFW Genesis Contest (2011) and Golden Leaf Award (2014). The first of her three contemporary romances, Where She Belongs (Misty Willow Series), releases from Revell in January 2016.

She also has won Best Novel and Best Writer awards (Florida Christian Writers Conferences), and Bronze Medalist (My Book Therapy Frasier Contest).

A graduate of Rollins College (Orlando) with a Master of Liberal Studies degree, Johnnie treasures family memories, classic movies, road trips, and stacks of books. She lives in the Memphis area where her morning chores include feeding dogs, cats, chickens, and a small herd of alpacas.

Facebook          Twitter         Goodreads       Pinterest          LinkedIn      Website

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Review: Sweet Christmas Kisses 3 (Mistletoe and Sage by Lyn Cote & The Kampala Peppermint Twist by Milou Koenings)


I am reviewing two of the novellas from this fun collection. These are all stand alone stories. I really enjoyed reading the two novellas that I am reviewing and I look forward to getting to read others in the collection in the future!

Mistletoe and Sage by Lyn Cote


I liked the combination of two hardworking law enforcement officers, each with hurts from their past coming together to solve a string of vandalism crimes plaguing their small town. These two characters were easy to like and I felt compassion toward both of them and hope for a future as a family together. There was also a sweet little boy in the mix. I loved seeing the way his mom was doing her best to be a good mother to him.

The Kampala Peppermint Twist by Milou Koenings


This novella was so fun to read! I loved the way the two main characters meet on the airplane and the way their lives intersect over the following weeks in Africa. This story does a great job of exposing the misconceptions we can have about people based on their place in society. There were plenty of humorous moments, but also so much heart! I really loved the setting for this novella and the way the relationship developed for the characters in this story.

(4 stars)

I received complimentary copies of these two novellas in exchange for my honest review.


The entire Sweet Christmas Kisses 3 boxed set is comprised of 17 individual novellas and is only 99 cents at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Ring in the holiday season with 17 all-new, stand-alone stories from New York Times, USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors. Sweet Christmas Kisses 3 takes you around the globe from small-town USA, to London, England, and even to Africa. Don’t miss out on this sweet romance boxed set that’s sure to touch your heart, make you smile, and put you in the mood for Christmas.

Mona Risk, On Christmas Eve
She banished him from her life and dreams. But fate throws him in her path again and his tender gaze erases years of loneliness. Can they forgive each other and create a new future?

Christine Bush, Christmas Holly
Can a lonely single father of five-year-old triplets find love on a South Carolina beach? It might just take a Christmas miracle!

Lyn Cote, Mistletoe and Sage
New deputy in town, a single mom, two wounded hearts with a puzzle to solve together–will love spark under the mistletoe?

Denise Devine, A Merry Little Christmas
Merry Connor and Anthony Lewis search for treasure and find true love.

Raine English, The Christmas Gift
When Riley Wayne receives a dog for Christmas, it’s not just the pup that makes her heart flutter, the rescue group’s handsome owner does too.

Shanna Hatfield, Untangling Christmas
Tricked into helping with Silverton’s Festival of Trees, electrician Mike Clarke battles faulty outlets, tangled lights, and a woman determined to share the spirit of the season.

Ciara Knight, A Miracle Mountain Christmas
When it takes a miracle to heal a heart.

Milou Koenings, The Kampala Peppermint Twist
A twist of fate. An overbooked flight. Christmas in Africa will flip her life upside down.

Magdalena Scott, The Road Not Taken
Francie Standish Carrington has some tough decisions to make and a lot of questions about a past she thought she understood.

Roxanne Rustand, A London Christmas
When Catriona heads to London for Christmas to meet a guy she met online, he steals her purse and disappears, but will a handsome photographer in the pub end up being the man of her dreams?

Alicia Street, Her Christmas Secret
Desperate to help her sister’s family, Lila courts a cold-hearted investor for her handmade toys, but learns Christmas has a way of bringing surprises where they’re least expected.

Kristin Wallace, Falling For You at Christmas
One expectant mother. One gorgeous innkeeper. Three days that will change her life forever.

Merrillee Whren, Second Chance Christmas
A young boy helps his estranged parents find love again at Christmas.

Cindy Flores Martinez, Christmas Eve Wedding
A maid of honor is swept up in the chaos of planning her best friend’s spur-of-the-moment Christmas Eve wedding.

Victoria Pinder, Secret Wish
Luke Morgan doesn’t believe in miracles, but this season Christmas brought him Caro Soliz, the family maid.

Josie Riviera, Candleglow and Mistletoe
A rising pianist and a pro stuntman winding down his career find love amid the glow of Christmas candles.

Pat Simmons, Couple by Christmas
Divorcee Derek Washington wants to reconcile with his ex-wife by Christmas. Although he’s got a plan, with the help of his six-year-old son, Derek only has two weeks.

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Review: With This Kiss by Debra Clopton

with-this-kissWith This Kiss may be a shorter story than the other books in the series, but it is packed with romance, danger, confusion, and eye opening revelations. Gage and Shar from book two are supposed to be getting married as the book opens, however, the story takes quite the turn from there! I definitely recommend reading book two, Somewhere With You, first. Then you will be ready to see what happens next in With This Kiss. I love the way the author is bridging these events from book to book and setting up the reader with new characters and situations to care about. I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series!

(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


with-this-kissA Windswept Bay Short Story

A kiss is just a kiss…or so some say. But I disagree…this kiss, can change a life. It did mine.

YOU are officially invited to the wedding of Shar Sinclair to the man of her dreams, Gage Lancaster…if the groom ever makes it to the wedding.

Where is Gage?

There’s only an hour until the wedding ceremony and no one has heard from Gage, and he’s not answering his phone. Now, Shar’s ready to go looking for her man, because something just doesn’t feel right.

After Gage receives the message he’s been waiting for from a private investigator, Gage can’t help but make a life-changing stop on his way to his wedding.

But, things quickly spiral out of control and everything about this wedding day is about change…

Purchase your own copy here.

The Windswept Bay Series

From This Moment On by Debra Clopton

Somewhere With You by Debra Clopton


Debra Clopton

Debra Clopton is a multi-award winning novelist and has written more than 22 novels. Along with writing, Debra helps her husband teach the youth at their local Cowboy Church. Debra’s goal is to shine a light toward God while she entertains readers with her words.

Connect with Debra: website, Twitter, Facebook

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Review – To Have and to Hold: Three Autumn Love Stories by Betsy St. Amant, Becky Wade, & Katie Ganshert

to-have-and-to-holdTo Have and to Hold was such an enjoyable, romantic novella collection.Each of these three stories are independent of each other. They do have a couple of things in common. In each story, the season is fall and the heroine of the novella works in the bridal industry in some way. Otherwise, be prepared to be wowed by three uniquely creative love stories.

In Love Takes the Cake by Betsy St. Amant, Charlotte is a single mom and bakery owner. She caters all kinds of events, including weddings. I thought that this was such a fun novella. I experienced the emotions of the two characters and I loved the way they interacted. There was a side character named Melissa whom I am really, really, really hoping gets her own novel or novella in the future. I think it would be such an amazing thing to see her find true love!

In The Perfect Arrangement by Katie Ganshert, Amelia is a florist who owns her own shop. Weddings are one of the many reasons people buy flowers from her. This story is super fun and is told from Amelia’s perspective. It is also partially in the form of multiple emails that are sent back and forth between Amelia and her love interest. The banter between the two main characters during their emails is reminiscent of the movie, You’ve Got Mail. I also love all of the old movie references that are used in this novella.

In Love in the Details by Becky Wade, Holly is the church wedding coordinator in her small town. She is also a novelist who gave up her true love, Josh, many years before and has never fully recovered. I loved the way the author did such a good job of showing this story from both Holly and Josh’s perspectives. I felt the tension, the attraction, and the hurt as these characters experienced those emotions. I loved the similarities to the Jane Austen classic novel, Persuasion.

These three stories were so enjoyable and I definitely recommend them.

(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


to-have-and-to-holdLove Takes the Cake by Betsy St. Amant

She’s known for her delicious cakes, but there’s no recipe for dealing with the new man in her life.

Charlotte Cantrell is always the baker; never the bride. When Will, a regular at Charlotte’s bakery, catches her attention, she can only hope that he is the reliable man this single mother has always hoped to find. The problem is that he’s regularly stopping in to buy cookies for another girl. But when Charlotte is hired to bake a host of wedding goodies for a difficult bride and finds out Will is the best man, she has the perfect opportunity to get to know him better—and find out how serious Will is about this other girl in his life.

The Perfect Arrangement by Katie Ganshert

Meeting Nate was truly an accident—but Amelia finds that he’s one of the few people she can count on.

Amelia Woods is a small-town wallflower and the proud owner of Forget-Me-Nots, a quaint flower shop. Despite her success in business, her love life has always been a bit lackluster. Until she spies on her ex-boyfriend’s wedding and ends up in an embarrassing fender-bender with handsome wedding guest, Nate Gallagher.

Meanwhile, Amelia’s younger brother, William, has proposed to his girlfriend. Amelia would be excited except she has evidence that the fiancée is not who she says she is. It seems Nate is the only one available for any advice-giving, and he’s good at it—and pretty fun to talk to, too.

As Amelia works to craft the perfect flower arrangements for other people—including a ninety-year-old “fairy godmother” named George—she begins to wonder if real love is better than the dream. And if it is, will Nate still be interested when he learns who she is?

Love in the Details by Becky Wade

She left him to save his future, but they’ve never gotten over each other.

When Josh returns to his hometown of Martinsburg, Texas, to help his best friend get married, he didn’t intend to run into church wedding coordinator—and ex-girlfriend—Holly. He can’t help but pine after the girl he never got over.

Holly broke up with Josh years ago in an attempt to ensure his future success. But she loved him then and still loves him now. As she helps him plan his best friend’s wedding, she can’t help but feel horrible for the pain she caused him. And even though she longs to be with Josh, she doesn’t feel worthy of his big-time lifestyle when she is more comfortable in her small town world. Will Josh and Holly be able to keep things as they are when their true feelings threaten to surface at every turn?

Purchase your own copy here.


Betsy St. Amant

Katie Ganshert

Katie Ganshert

Becky Wade

Becky Wade

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Review: Just a Kiss by Denise Hunter

just-a-kissI have been anticipating this story since reading the very first book of the Summer Harbor series…and it did not disappoint! Riley and Paige had been best friends since childhood, yet Riley’s feeling for Paige changed from friendship to love many years ago. It was heartbreaking to see him struggling with his feelings during the previous two books, while Paige had no idea the pain she was causing him! He even enlisted in the Marines to get away from the pain of watching Paige date his brother!

But reading this story was something of a fresh start for these two characters. It was so hard to watch as Riley struggled to find his place in the world again as an amputee. It was fascinating to read about what he had to go through both physically, mentally, and emotionally. The author also did a great job of sharing what Paige was going through as she watched Riley come to terms with what he could and could not do.

This book was absolutely packed with wonderful romantic tension, some amazing kisses, and so much heart! Both characters struggled with the paths their lives had taken and whether God had really been there for them throughout the challenging times. Just a Kiss was a wonderful, contemporary romance, yet it delved deeper still…exploring hurt, trauma, and defining the meaning of true love.

(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



Riley Callahan’s plans to reveal his secret feelings for his best friend are derailed when his life is drastically altered in Afghanistan.

Watching the love of his life fall for his brother was enough to send Riley straight to boot camp. But over a year later, he’s officially a marine, and Beau and Paige are no longer an item. When Riley’s tour in Afghanistan is up, he intends to confess his feelings to Paige and win his best friend’s heart once and for all.

But all that changes when an IED takes the life of a comrade and leaves Riley an amputee. Now he’s heading home, injured and troubled. His plans to win Paige are a distant dream. She deserves so much more than the man that’s left. All he can do now is put some healthy distance between them. But upon his return he discovers his family has arranged for him to stay with Paige.

Paige is a nurturer at heart and happy to take care of her best buddy. By all appearances Riley is adjusting miraculously well to his disability. But as the days pass, Paige begins to see that the smiles and laughter are just a mask for the pain he’s hiding. To make matters worse, her job is in serious jeopardy. The animal shelter that she’s poured her heart into has lost its funding, and she has three months to come up with the money needed to save it.

As the weeks wear on, Paige’s feelings for Riley begin to shift into uncharted territory. Why is she suddenly noticing his arm muscles and the way his lips curl at the corners? Will she be able to deny her feelings for another Callahan brother? And will Riley let his heart heal so he can let Paige in?

Click here to purchase your own copy.


Denise Hunter2

Denise Hunter is the internationally published bestselling author of more than 20 books, including Dancing with Fireflies and The Convenient Groom. She has won The Holt Medallion Award, The Reader’s Choice Award, The Foreword Book of the Year Award, and is a RITA finalist.

Denise writes heartwarming, small-town love stories. Her readers enjoy the experience of falling in love vicariously through her characters and can expect a happily-ever-after sigh as they close the pages of her books.

In 1996, inspired by the death of her grandfather, Denise began her first book, writing while her children napped. Two years later it was published, and she’s been writing ever since. Her husband says he inspires all her romantic stories, but Denise insists a good imagination helps too!

When Denise isn’t orchestrating love lives on the written page, she enjoys traveling with her family, drinking coffee, and playing drums. Denise makes her home in Indiana where she and her husband are raising three boys.

You can connect with Denise on her website, Facebook, and Twitter.


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Review: The Captive Heart by Michelle Griep

the-captive-heartWow, oh wow! The Captive Heart has jumped up to one of the top spots in my favorites list. It has definitely earned its place as one of the best historical novels that I have read this year. For readers who have enjoyed the novels of Lori Benton, Laura Frantz, and Beth White, The Captive Heart has that same epic feel that these authors capture in their stories.

The characters were so well written! I truly felt for both Eleanor and Samuel. The struggles that they both endured made for very deep characters, with a lot of layers that made them who they were. I loved the way they interacted with each other. There was a marriage of convenience that they both entered into, yet it was so much more. There was great tension between these two, a rugged setting, and plenty of danger from both nature and human threats. Add to that the interesting balance that Samuel worked to keep between the world of the white settlers and the Cherokee people. This was a fascinating story that I loved from start to finish.

(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

the-captive-heartABOUT THE BOOK:

Proper English governess Eleanor Morgan flees to the colonies to escape the wrath of a an angry duke. When the Charles Town family she’s to work for never arrives to collect her from the dock, she is forced to settle for the only reputable choice remaining to her—marriage to a man she’s never met. Trapper and tracker Samuel Heath is a hardened survivor used to getting his own way by brain or by brawn, and he’s determined to find a mother for his young daughter. But finding a wife proves to be impossible. No upstanding woman wants to marry a murderer.

Purchase a copy here.


Michelle Griep

I hear voices. Loud. Incessant. And very real. Which basically gives me two options: choke back massive amounts of Prozac or write fiction. I’ve been writing since I discovered blank wall space and Crayolas. I seek to glorify God in all that I write–except for that graffiti phase I went through as teenager.

You can connect with Michelle on her website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Review – Newton and Polly: A Novel of Amazing Grace by Jody Hedlund

newton-and-pollyHistory came to life for me in this deeply moving novel based on the story of John Newton and his true love, Polly Catlett! It was hard to watch as John made so many decisions that caused emotional pain to himself, to Polly, and even to his father. However, at the end of the book, it was clear to see how God was working through this man’s life to turn him into someone who would honor both God and Polly.

Newton and Polly’s romance was magnetic and captivating! I could definitely understand why John was so hesitant to leave Polly for voyages that would take years to return from. It was also interesting to see how both of them had to grow, not only in how they loved each other, but also in understanding about who God is and what grace he provides for us.

Newton and Polly was such a joy to read and I highly recommend it.

(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


newton-and-pollyAmazing grace! How sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now am found
Now remembered as the author of the world s most famous hymn, in the mid-eighteenth century as England and France stand on the brink of war, John Newton is a young sailor wandering aimlessly through life. His only duty is to report to his ship and avoid disgracing his father until the night he hears Polly Catlett s enchanting voice, caroling. He s immediately smitten and determined to win her affection.
An intense connection quickly forms between the two, but John s reckless spirit and disregard for the Christian life are concerns for the responsible, devout Polly. When an ill-fated stop at a tavern leaves John imprisoned and bound, Polly must choose to either stand by his side or walk out of his life forever. Will she forfeit her future for the man she loves?
Step back through the pages of history, to uncover the true love story behind a song that continues to stir the hearts and ignite the faith of millions around the globe.

Purchase your own copy here.



Jody Hedlund is an award-winning and bestselling historical fiction author. She won the 2011 Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award, the 2011 Award of Excellence from the Colorado Romance Writers and was a finalist for Best Debut Novel in the 2011 ACFW Carol Awards. Currently she makes her home in central Michigan, with her husband and five busy children. She loves hearing from readers on Facebook and on her blog.

Find Jody online:website, Twitter, Facebook

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Review: Ask Me to Marry You by Heather Blanton

ask-me-to-marry-you-by-heather-blantonThis was a fun and enjoyable novella! It was a nice twist on the mail order bride type of story, with the groom being being brought in to marry Audra and smooth things out on her ranch.

With danger lingering and a groom who was nursing a bruised ego about the way he was being treated in town, this marriage had a rocky beginning. The attraction between these two was well written and the storyline was one that I was able to sit back and enjoy reading. It was lots of fun!

I had not read the story that came before this one, yet this novella stood alone nicely.

(4 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



Though she’s loath to admit it, Audra Drysdale needs a man to save her ranch.

Her father has passed away and her hands are abandoning her like rats from a sinking ship. Worse, neighboring cattle baron Jess Fairbanks is making a play for the Diamond D and Audra, whichever he can get his hands on first.

Audra grudgingly accepts that the mere presence of a husband will keep her men working, and Fairbanks under control. It seems a perfectly reasonable idea, then, to ask her uncle, who is the town attorney and a matchmaker of sorts, to find her a groom—a “proxy” who will take her orders and dish them out to the men.

Dillon Pine is in jail for a conspiracy charge, but because of certain mitigating factors he’s deemed a good risk for an unusual form of probation: serving as Audra’s husband. After a year, he can abandon her and she won’t tell. By then, she will have proven to the cowboys she’s a competent rancher, and the cattle man next door will be looking elsewhere for a wife. But when word gets out that Dillon came to Audra via Evergreen’s matchmaker, he’s dubbed a “male order bride.” The resulting jokes at his expense are constant and brutal. Just how much abuse can Dillon’s pride stand?

When Audra discovers her father’s death was no accident, she realizes her new husband is in danger, too. And she cares . . . quite a lot, it turns out.

To save Dillon, she may have to let go of the one thing she’s fought her whole life to keep.

Purchase a copy here.



Heather Blanton is the independent bestselling author of several Christian Westerns, including the Romance in the Rockies series, which has sold over 40,000 copies. Intrigued by the concept of three good sisters stranded in a lawless Colorado mining town, a few notable Hollywood producers have requested the script for her first book in that series, A Lady in Defiance. Heather’s writing is gritty and realistic. In fact, her books have been compared to AMC’s Hell on Wheels series, as well as the legendary Francine Rivers book, Redeeming love.

A former journalist, Heather is an avid researcher and skillfully weaves truth in among the fictional story lines. She loves exploring the American West, especially ghost towns and museums. She has walked parts of the Oregon Trail, ridden horses through the Rockies, climbed to the top of Independence Rock, and even held an outlaw’s note in her hand.

She writes Westerns because she grew up on a steady diet of Bonanza, Gunsmoke, and John Wayne movies. Her most fond childhood memory is of sitting next to her father, munching on popcorn, and watching Lucas McCain unload that Winchester!

She can be reached several different ways:

Website, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, Pinterest

Christian Westerns is the genre that lets her write about strong pioneer women and men who struggle to find God and then live out their faith in real ways. Romance is always a strong element in her stories because it is such a beautiful gift from God, and a perfect reflection of how he loves His children: sacrificially and lavishly. Heather’s stories aren’t preachy or cheesy, but she hopes they are heart-warming, realistic, illuminating, and glorifying to God. Like good old fashioned Westerns, there is always justice, a moral message, American values, lots of high adventure, unexpected plot twists, and more than a touch of suspense.

“I believe Christian fiction should be messy and gritty, because the human condition is … and God loves us anyway.” — Heather Blanton

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Review: Keep Holding On by Melissa Tagg

keep-holding-onKeep Holding On was a book that I just didn’t want to set down! It was wonderful to return to Maple Valley, Iowa and all of the Walker family fun. I believe that if a reader has not read the other books in this series, they could follow along just fine. However, I highly recommend reading each story as the characters and relationships that are developed are revisited in subsequent novels as the family interacts and lives life.

I loved this book! Kit and Beckett have such a deep history together as childhood friends who grew up together and relied on each other in so many ways. The events that tore their friendship apart made their mark on both of them and influenced some of the actions that they each took in the years preceding this story.

Watching Beckett and Kit wrestle with who they are, who God is, what God desires for their lives, and if they are even supposed to be together was deeply moving. I loved the setting, the situations, the characters…and as I closed the book I found myself already wishing that the next story in the series was available right now to read! I highly recommend this entire series to fans of contemporary romance. Be prepared to fall in love with this dynamic family!

(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


keep-holding-onSwoon-worthy Romance. Small-town Charm. 
Best friends reunite in Tagg’s latest novel of second chances and enduring love.  
Beckett Walker hasn’t stepped foot in Maple Valley in years. There’s no getting past the painful memories, and there’s every chance he’ll be arrested as soon as he shows his face. Which is exactly what happens when he finally returns. Suddenly his dream of adventure as a military lawyer comes skidding to a halt.

Horticulturist Kit Danby has spent too much time missing home and her childhood best friend–Beckett Walker. Now she might have a shot at reclaiming both. After years of living abroad, she returns to run her family’s apple orchard. She has one season to turn a profit and impress the father she barely knows. But she can’t do it alone.

It should be simple: Beckett needs community service hours. Kit needs a helping hand. But there’s more at stake than either of them planned. With a tangled past and futures that look nothing alike, they’ll have to find a way to weather the storms of the present . . . or risk losing everything.

Purchase a copy here.


Melissa Tagg

Melissa Tagg is a former reporter, current nonprofit grant-writer and total Iowa girl. She’s also a multi-published novelist. Her latest book, Like Never Before, was named by Publisher’s Weekly to their spring 2016 “Religion and Spirituality” Top 10 list. Upcoming books include Keep Holding On (Sept 2016) and a sequel to last year’s One Enchanted Christmas, releasing in late 2016. Melissa has taught at multiple national writing conferences, as well as retreats and workshops. When she’s not writing, she can be found hanging out with the coolest family ever–not that she’s biased–watching old movies, and daydreaming about her next book. Melissa loves connecting with readers at and onFacebook and Instagram.


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Review: Somewhere With You by Debra Clopton

somewhere-with-youSomewhere With You, book two in the Windswept Bay series, can be read as a stand alone novel. However, I highly recommend reading book one beforehand simply because these stories are about the Sinclair family and have recurring characters that the reader will enjoy revisiting.

I had a lot of fun reading Somewhere With You. The main characters, Shar and Gage, were very likable. I really enjoyed reading about their interactions with each other and the way their romance developed. Both Shar and Gage had things from their pasts that made them who they were and impacted the risks they were willing to take in their lives and in relationships.

Once again, just as in book one, I thoroughly enjoyed the setting of this novel and felt as if I was experiencing the coastal life with these characters. I look forward to reading more novels in this series and recommend them to fans of contemporary romance.

(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My review of book one in the Windswept Bay series:

From This Moment On by Debra Clopton


somewhere-with-youSassy, opinionated Shar Sinclair is passionate about the sea turtles she rescues in the Windswept Bay area and as needful of her freedom as they are. She’s content with her life, helping run the family resort and looking out for the wildlife around her. But sometimes she wishes she had someone to share her passion, and passions, with. But that might mean giving up some of her freedom and she’s not sure she could do that for anyone…

Gage Landcaster is a self-made millionaire used to getting what he wants, but lately there’s an emptiness and a restlessness to his life that he can’t seem to fill. While visiting Windswept Bay, he spies a beautiful woman on the beach, struggling to rescue a sea turtle tangled in fishing line, and goes to help. Gage is captivated by the fire and passion that radiates from Shar and he knows instantly he wants her. But this may be one time when what he wants might not be an option.

Sparks fly on the sunset beach and sparkling blue waters of the romantic Windswept Bay as Gage and Shar battle through their attraction. Gage is determined that this is one time he’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants. But can Shar open her heart to him? Can he convince Shar that love doesn’t mean shackles…but a lifetime shared with the one you love?

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Debra Clopton

Debra Clopton is a multi-award winning novelist and has written more than 22 novels. Along with writing, Debra helps her husband teach the youth at their local Cowboy Church. Debra’s goal is to shine a light toward God while she entertains readers with her words.

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