Review: Lonesome Wolf by Lanna Webb

lonesome wolfLonesome Wolf was a beautiful story! I felt transported back in time. The main characters dealt with many dangers on the Texas frontier and it was captivating to see how they persevered through various troubles, while finding love along the way.

Lonesome Wolf and Clara were such a great match for each other. There was definitely a sweet attraction that grew into a beautiful love, despite the differences in their upbringings. The scenes with Lonesome Wolf and the baby were so precious, too. Lonesome Wolf struggled with allowing himself to care for Clara and her baby, because of the fear of losing more people he loved.

This book examined different types of prejudice that existed against Indians, as well as the way women were treated. I appreciated that those who were strong believers in Christ were able to see past the outside of a person and focus on the fact that we are all part of God’s creation and of great value to Him. This was a very enjoyable and interesting story.

(4 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


lonesome wolfA woman on her own in Texas struggles to overcome hardships.
A man alone on the rugged frontier works to overcome prejudices.
Through frontier hospitality, faith in God, and shared trouble, they forge an untraditional and potentially dangerous friendship – and friendship is what they strive to keep it, each locking deeper feelings inside for the sake of the other.
But it seems like God has other plans, and it isn’t long before they realize they have a decision to make: to work at banding together to face their problems or to insist on remaining apart to fight their battles alone.
This story is a heartwarming tale about how God’s laws and love supersede man’s, how man’s obstacles become God’s opportunities, and how doubts in oneself become faith in Him.

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lanna webb

Lanna Webb lives on the Texas Gulf Coast with her husband of 26 years. She is the mother of two amazing children whom she adores. When she isn’t writing, Lanna teaches English to high school students. She is a Rice University graduate and holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership from LeTourneau.

Along with being a reader from way back, she is an experienced educator and an avid fan of family dinners. Stories have always floated around in her head; she began writing them down out of self-defense. One day, she looked at her computer and realized she had a novel. The words haven’t left her alone since.

Lanna uses a subtle but effective technique that resonates with readers, meshing the messages of faith beautifully with the story. Her characters are easy to get to know and hard to forget. You won’t want to leave them when you reach the end of the book!

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